Ackerson & Yann has extensive experience representing creditors in foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other areas of debtor/creditor law in courts throughout the state of Kentucky. Our law firm represents financial institutions such as mortgage companies and banks, as well as other businesses and institutions from across the country, in such areas as:

Foreclosure (Residential and Commercial)
• Mortgages
• Tax liens
• Contracts for deed
• Mechanic's and materialmen's liens
• Judgment liens
• Replevin

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12)
• Automatic stay litigation (motions for relief from the automatic stay)
• Abandonment of property from the bankruptcy estate
• Proofs of claim (filing claims and claims litigation)
• Plan issues (personal and corporate reorganizations)
• Adversary proceedings
• Asset sales
• Valuation proceedings
• Leases and contracts
• Preference litigation
• Bankruptcy appeals
• Involuntary petitions

Related Issues
• Deed in lieu of foreclosure
• Eviction
• Collection
• Deficiency recovery
• Loan workout, loan modification, and debt restructuring
• General legal representation (including litigation)

Ackerson & Yann is a member of the USFN (formerly the U.S. Foreclosure Network) "America's Mortgage Banking Attorneys."

Ackerson & Yann handles the entire spectrum of defaulted loans and indebtedness throughout Kentucky, ranging from large commercial loans and assets, to home loans, to unsecured claims.

Because our attorneys understand the importance of a speedy resolution to non-performing loans and accounts, we take an aggressive approach on behalf of our clients. We aggressively advance our clients' interests while maintaining an open mind to appropriate settlement negotiation strategies (such as loss mitigation and workout efforts) in order to provide clients with options for reducing legal expense and litigation risks.

We utilize technology in combination with individual effort and diligence to ensure that cases are concluded quickly. At the same time, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail - resulting in conveyances of clear title on foreclosed properties without postsale title issues.

For further information contact a Kentucky foreclosure or bankruptcy attorney at Ackerson & Yann today.