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Ackerson & Yann gives you access to highly-skilled and experienced attorneys developing creative legal solutions to address a broad range of legal issues. We advise, counsel, and advocate for clients helping them reach their objectives as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

For many business clients, our attorneys provide the services of an in-house counsel, offering not only legal advice, but counseling them on the tax and legal implications of strategic business decisions.
We minimize the layers of management that can come between lawyers and their clients. Our attorneys are empowered to personally handle the legal needs of our clients in a timely, cost-effective manner so that you don't have to deal with lengthy delays and unnecessary hierarchies.

If you need the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who understands how the law affects you, and is responsive to needs, please contact an attorney at Ackerson & Yann today. To learn more about our attorneys, please follow the links below.

Robert L. Ackerson
Attorney Bio

Victor L. Baltzell
Business & Commercial Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law
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Jeremy J. Beck
Art Law, Business & Commercial Law, Business Organizations, Consumer Issues, Contracts, Education Law, Employment Law -- Employee, Employment Law -- Employer, Entertainment Law, Litigation & Appeals, Trademark & Copyright, Wills & Trusts
Attorney Bio

David B. Blandford
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation, Construction Law, Construction Contracts, Construction Liens, Housing & Construction Defects, Government Construction Contracts, Insurance Law, Bad Faith Insurance, Fidelity, Guarantee & Surety, Litigation & Appeals, Federal Trial Practice, State Trial Practice, Real Estate Law
Attorney Bio

Matthew F. Coogle
Construction Law, Insurance Law, Litigation & Appeals
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William J. Cooper Jr.
Business & Commercial Law, Construction Law, Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Real Estate Law, Taxation Law, Trusts, Wills
Attorney Bio

Christopher S. Egan
Taxation, Commercial Litigation
Attorney Bio

Amy D. Cubbage
Complex Commercial and Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Construction Litigation, Employment Law, Environmental and Energy Law, Government Relations, Internet & Media Law, Internet Defamation, Attorney Ethics
Attorney Bio

Thomas D. Murphy II
Foreclosure (Lien Enforcement) Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Debtor/Creditor Law, Banking & Finance Law, Business & Commercial Law
Attorney Bio

Joseph C. Souza
Insurance Law, Litigation and Appeals, Personal Injury - Defense, Personal Injury - Plaintiffs, Commercial Litigation
Attorney Bio

Robert M. Yann
General Real Estate Law, Banking and Finance, General Business, Residential and Commercial Loan Closings and Title Insurance
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